Obtaining Full Access within PoliceOne.com

Full access to our commenting forums, as well as secure content is provided only for members who are sworn law enforcement officers.

To acquire full access, you must go through the verification process.

To begin this process, first ensure that you have completed your registration.  To do this, 
login with us and then go to your profileScroll down to where it says "My Experience" and fill out the information for your current place of employment; including the contact information for your LEO supervisor or HR and badge ID number.  Select to Get VerifiedOur verification reps will use this information to reach out to your employers... the process may take 7 to10 business days, at most.  When the verification process is completed, you will receive an automatic notification to your registered email letting you know the status.

Secure content within PoliceOne.com is set apart from other material with handcuff icons: 

To "Join the Discussion" with us, first sign in with your verified membership and then post your comments.  You will be seen by other viewers only as your username.

Comment threads are monitored by our staff to minimize trolling, phishing and aggressive behavior.  You are welcome to go to our article on Member Commenting Policy for PoliceOne.com for acceptable forum etiquette.

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